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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

elevatEd STEM Lesson plan adaptation

elevatEd Classrooms Consulting

elevatEd Classrooms SEL Workshops help parents, teachers and students cope with the stresses of distance and hybrid learning. Our teacher workshops, parent info sessions and student activities help increase resiliency and student performance.

elevatEd STEM helps teachers adapt their lesson plans to the virtual and hybrid classrooms to improve student performance and teacher effectiveness. We work to provide innovative and inexpensive ways bring the lab to the student’s home.

elevatEd Classrooms Consulting offers administrators peace of mind when navigating school policies and COVID-19. We’ll work with you to create and implement effective solutions that are specific to your school and district.

"COVID-19 has been challenging on our educational system in ways that we never imagined. Thank you, elevatEd Classrooms, for providing a timely training for our Leadership Team to help tap into ways to provide support and energize our leadership. Your custom and adaptable approach is just what is needed in these unique times."
Dr. Leighangela Brady
Superintendent National School District

ElevatEd Classrooms Works To...

Increase Student Performance

Whether in a virtual classroom or in person, student performance matters. ElevatEd Classrooms provides customized workshops and activities in social-emotional learning to help educators and parents better connect and support their students.

Enhance Teacher Effectiveness & Resiliency

Strong teachers increase student performance and school reputation. From adapting lesson plans and activities to building teacher strength and confidence in online and in-person classrooms, elevatEd Classrooms will create tailored solutions to your school’s needs and enhance teacher performance.

Solve the Toughest Problems Facing Your School

Whether you’re drafting reopening policies for schools, designing new programs to improve performance or simply just need a hand, elevatEd Classrooms consultants are ready to help create                innovative solutions to any challenge your school faces.

Who We Are Makes a Difference

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a purposeful, holistic, approach to empower the whole of the educational community.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide supportive tools and knowledge for our teacher, to serve them, so they can serve our students.

Jaclyn Sarnese, MSEd

Founder & CEO, elevatEd Classrooms

Jaclyn Sarnese has almost a decade of experience working in education. She started her career as a biology teacher in New Jersey, developing a biomedical sciences magnet program within her first few years. Jaclyn pursued an M.S. Ed in education policy from the University of Pennsylvania, which has fueled her drive to advocate for increased support for teachers through policy and high-quality professional learning. Her drive is what will help improve your school and students’ performance.

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