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We believe the purpose of school is to prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Schools must inspire and support students, not just instruct. elevatEd Classrooms is dedicated to building stronger school systems that support and inspire students.

Our Mission

To provide a purposeful, holistic, approach to empower the whole of the educational community.

Our Vision

To provide supportive tools and knowledge for our teacher, to serve them, so they can serve our students.




Schools don't exist in a vacuum. Listening to school, teacher and community needs, we use our expert knowledge of education policy to craft creative solutions for our clients.

We believe each school’s policies should be informed first and foremost by the needs of the local community. In our eyes, students and teachers, not national standards and vanity metrics, come first.

What's so different about us

We at elevatEd Classrooms know that every school is different and is surrounded by a community with varying needs. We work directly with the Whole Educational Community to find creative solutions for your specific school.

We say no to cookie-cutter solutions. We say no to “expert” lectures that don’t provide actionable solutions. We say no to addressing only metrics without addressing underlying issues. Your school deserves someone that truly cares. Your school deserves elevatEd Classrooms.

By Teachers for Teachers

Jaclyn Sarnese, MSEd

Founder & CEO, elevatEd Classrooms

Jaclyn Sarnese has almost a decade of experience working in education. She started her career as a biology teacher in New Jersey, developing a biomedical sciences magnet program within her first few years. Jaclyn pursued an M.S. Ed in education policy from the University of Pennsylvania, which has fueled her drive to advocate for increased support for teachers through policy and high-quality professional learning.

Jaclyn founded elevatEd Classrooms because she saw a disconnect between national policies and local agendas. Having been a teacher, she knows how the pressure to teach to standards can hurt teacher effectiveness and affect student outcomes. She’s determined to help schools reimagine their policies to boost teacher effectiveness and happiness while meeting and surpassing national standards.

Teachers are the most important aspect of school, yet they are often overworked and under-supported with the ongoing professional learning needed to empower their confidence, competence, and continued growth.

Jaclyn Sarnese, MSEd

Founder & CEO, elevatEd Classrooms

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