About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a purposeful, holistic, approach to empower the whole of the educational community.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide supportive tools and knowledge for our teacher, to serve them, so they can serve our students

They say it takes a village...

... So Meet ours

We know it takes the whole community to educate a child. Students need effective efforts from teachers, parents and community partners alike to succeed. Our team of experienced educators and professionals are here to help your #WholeEducationalCommunity be successful and support your students’ needs.

Our Founder

“I empower teachers with purposeful instructional strategies to facilitate more student learning and create happier, more confident classrooms. My job is to elevate your teachers, so they can elevate your students.”

– Jaclyn Sarnese, MSEd

Randall Chambers

Jacqueline Masters, EdS, MA


Drew Howser

Amiee Masters Altman, MsEd

Elizabeth Feinstone, MPH

Korey Sewell, PhD

Rachel Long

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Ivan Corona

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