Mental Health Support for You and Your Kids!

Parents, we hear your request for mental health support for you and your kiddos! I would like to introduce you to the Clover Model to assist with social-emotional development. 

People of all ages can use the Clover Model as a guide for balance in human developmental needs. The Clover has 4 “leaves”: Active Engagement x Reflection, and Assertiveness x Belonging. While you want balance in all 4 leaves, each leaf also has an opposite leaf, indicated x like this.

For example, a child (or adult) Asserting themselves loudly and inappropriately may be a cry for help that they do not feel a sense of Belonging. That individual needs increased positive relationships with peers and adults. Some used to refer to this type of behavior as entitled before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another example: many of us have gotten stuck in the Reflection leaf during coronavirus…but not healthy reflection. We let our minds wonder and wander without returning to the present. We can balance that with Active Engagement, by physically moving our bodies and connecting to our world through movement! After some balance, you can return to healthy Reflection through things like mindfulness, journalling, goal-setting, and guided meditations.

Feel free to check out the Clover Model from the PEAR Institute at Harvard as well as elevatEd Classrooms for more resources to elevate the Whole Educational Community.

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